Poetry Reviews

Read a selection of recent poetry reviews written by our members and published in our bimonthly magazine a fine line. 

Latest poetry reviews

Adams, John – (AUP, 2011) Reviewed by Laurice Gilbert

Argante, Jenny – Working in the Cracks Between (Ocean Press, 2012) Reviewed by Vaughan Rapatahana

Gunson, Vaughan – Big Love Songs (Amazon Kindle ebook, 2016) Reviewed by Vaughan Rapatahana

Honum, Chloe – The Tulip Flame, (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2014) Reviewed by Barbara Bailey

Harvey, Siobhan – Cloudboy (Otago University Press, 2014) Reviewed by Arielle Walker

Lash, Stephanie – Bird Murder (Makaro Press, 2014) Reviewed by Keith Nunes

McMillan, Maria – Tree Space (Victoria University Press, 2014) Reviewed by Arielle Walker

Leggott, Michele – Heartland, (AUP 2014) Reviewed by Owen Bullock

Leibrich, Julie – A Little Book of Sonnets (Steele Roberts, 2013) Reviewed by Vaughan Rapatahana

Marshall, Owen – The White Clock: Poems, (University of Otago Press, 2014) Reviewed by Mary Cresswell

Rapatahana, Vaughan – Atonement (Hong Kong: MCCM Creations & ASM/Flying Island Books, Reviewed2015) Reviewed by Maris O’Rourke

Rickerby, Helen – Cinema, (Makaro Press, 2014) Reviewed by Anna Hudson

Wallace, Louise – Enough  (Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2013) Reviewed by N.J. Mauchline