Books available for review

We have a long list of books available for review. If you are interested in writing a review and being published on our website and/or in our magazine, you can read our guidelines for writing a poetry review.

Publishers, please drop us a line at and let us know if you would like to send us a book to review.  

Contact Erica Stretton at for any other reviewing queries.

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Bradford, Bill – No Rising of the Sheep (Mary Egan Publishing, 2022)

Canary, Edwin Z. – Le Tournesol and Other Poems (Barnes and Noble Press, 2023)

Charman, Janet – The Pistils (OUP, 2022)

Edmeades, Lynley (ed) – Landfall 244 (OUP, 2022)

FitzGerald, Jan – A question bigger than a hawk (Cuba Press, 2022)

Ireland, Kevin – Just Like That (Quentin Wilson Publishing, 2021)

Jackson, Anna – Actions & Travels (AUP, 2022)

Norcliffe, James – Letter to Oumuamua (OUP, 2023)

O’Brien, Gregory – House & Contents (AUP, 2022)

O’Hagan, Denise – Anamnesis (Recent Work Press, 2022)

Oliver, Stephen – The Song of Globule (Greywacke Press, 2020)

Prime, Patricia & Beverland Margaret (eds) – Kokako 36 (April 2022)

Rao, Sudha – On elephant’s shoulders (Cuba Press, 2022)

Rapatahana, Vaughan – ināianei/now (Cyberwit, 2021)

Rapatahana, Vaughan – mō taku tama (Kilmog Press, 2021)

Roddick, Alan – Next (OUP, 2022)

Slaughter, Tracey (ed) – Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2022 (MUP, 2022)

Smither, Elizabeth – My American Chair (AUP, 2022)

Sullivan, Robert – Tūnui | Comet (AUP, 2022)

Trussell, Denys & Brown, Nigel – Albatross Neck (Arcology Publishing, 2022)

Upperton, Tim – A Riderless Horse (AUP, 2022)

Zelas, Karen – Threads (Pukeko Publications, 2022)