Books available for review

We have a long list of books available for review, so if you’re interested in writing a review and being published on our website or magazine, email to have a book sent to you.

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Adcock, Fleur – Hoard (VUP, 2017)

Avia, Tusiata – Fale Aitu | Spirit House (VUP, 2016)

Baker, Hinemoana et al. – Transit of Venus \ Venustransit (VUP, 2016)

Bascand, Helen – time to sing before the dark (Caxton Press, 2018)

Bell, Patricia (Ed.) – fresh ink – a Collection of Voices from Aotearoa New Zealand (Cloud Ink Press, 2017)

Bornholdt, Jenny – Short Poems of New Zealand  (VUP, 2018)

Brown, James, Floods Another Chamber (Victoria University Press, 2017)

Campbell, Alistair Te Ariki The Collected Poems (VUP, 2016)

Curnow, Allen Collected Poems, Edited by Elizabeth Caffin & Terry Sturm (AUP, 2017)

Dennerstein, Natasha – about a girl – a novella in verse (Norfolk Press, 2017)

Dickson, John – Mister Hamilton (AUP, 2016)

Easthope, Nicola – Working the tang (The Cuba Press, 2018)

Edmeades, Lynley – As the Verb Tenses (Otago University Press, 2016)

Gunson, Vaughan – Big Love Songs (Self, 2016)

Harlow, Michael – Nothing for it but to Sing (Otago University Press, 2016)

Heath, Helen – Are Friends Electric? (VUP, 2018)

Howell, John – Homeless (Makaro Press 2017)

Jansen, Adrienne – Keel & Drift (Landing Press, 2016)

Johnston, Andrew – Fits & Starts (VUP, 2016)

Koirala, Saradha – photos of the sky (The Cuba Press, 2018)

Leggott, Michele – Vanishing Points (AUP, 2017)

Miller, Alice – Nowhere Nearer (AUP, 2018)

McCallum, Mary – XYZ of Happiness (Makaro Press, 2018)

Nahill, Art – Murmurations (Two Hemispheres Poetry, 2017)

Nelson, Bill – Memorandum of Understanding  (VUP, 2016)

Norcliffe, James – Dark Days at the Oxygen Cafe (VUP, 2016)

Oranui 3 – Going Global – Maori Literary Journal  (Ora Nui Press, 2017)

Orchard, Claire – Cold water cure (VUP, 2016)

Price, Chris – Beside Herself  (VUP, 2016)

Prime, Patricia & Beverland Margaret (Eds) – Kokako 27 (September 2017)

Prime, Patricia & Beverland Margaret (Eds) – Kokako 28 (April 2018)

Prime, Patricia & Beverland Margaret (Eds) – Kokako 29 (September 2018)

Ricketts, Harry – Winter Eyes (VUP, 2018)

Riddell, Ron – dance of blue dragonflies (printablereality, 2016)

Roddick, Alan – Getting It Right, Poems 1968-2015 (OUP, 2016)

Sharpe, Kerrin P – Rabbit (VUP, 2016)

Sharpe, Kerrin P – louder (VUP, 2018)

Sharplin, Ian – The Jewel in the Sea (Wild Side Publishing, 2018)

Southam, Barry – Exits and Entrances (CP Books, 2016)

Stead, CK – That Derrida Whom I Derided Died (AUP, 2018)

Tamu, Leilani – Cultural Diplomacy  (AUP, 2017)

Teclici, Valentina, Translator & Editor – Poetical Bridges / Poduri Lirice (Scripta manent Publishing House, 2016)

Tibble, Tayi – Poūkahangatus (VUP, 2018)

Tobin, Rachel – Say it naked (submarine, 2018)

Trower, Jamie – A sign of light (The Cuba Press, 2018)

Wakan, Naomi Beth – Poetry That Heals (Shanti Arts Publishing, 2018)

Wallace, Louise – Bad Things (Victoria University Press, 2017)

Warner, Kirsten – Mitochondrial Eve (Compound Press, 2018)

Webb-Pullman, Mercedes – Track Tales (Truth Serum Press, 2017)

Wedde, Ian – Selected Poems (Auckland University Press, 2017)

Williamson, Nicholas – The Blue Outboard (Black Doris Press, 2016)

Wilson, Annabel – Aspiring Daybook, The diary of Elsie Winslow (Makaro Press, 2018)

Wilson, Edwin – Synthesis (Woodbine Press, 2018)

Older Books

Bullock, Owen – urban haiku (Recent Work Press, 2015)

Davidson, John – Soundings of Hellas (Steele Roberts, 2015)

Dennerstein, Natasha – Anatomize (Norfolk Press, 2015)

French, Anne – The Blue Voyage (AUP, 2015)

Holmes Midgely, Sally – Echo (The Copy Press, 2013)

Nahill, Art – A Long Commute Home (Self, 2014)

O’Connor, John – whistling in the dark (HeadworX, 2014)

O’Leary, Michael Main Trunk Lines – Collected Railway Poems (HeadworX, 2015)

Rapatahana, Vaughan & Rogers, Kate & Slack, Madeleine (Eds) – Outloud Too (mccm creations)

Reeve, Richard – Generation Kitchen (OUP, 2015)

Roberts, Jeremy – Cards on the Table (Interactive Press, 2015)

Strang, Andrew – Things to Know (Sudden Valley Press, 2014)

Teclici, Valentina – From Impossible to Possible (Oscar Print Publishing House, 2013)

Thomson, Mary-Jane – Lonely Earth (HeadworX, 2015)