‘a fine line’ quarterly magazine

a fine line is our quarterly magazine containing feature articles, poetry book reviews, details of poetry opportunities, and much more. We only publish poems written by our members, so we encourage you to become a member if you’d like to share your work. Non-members are welcome to submit to other sections.





Publication guidelines

We welcome contributions to the following sections of a fine line. If you haven’t submitted or read the magazine before, have a look at some previous issues before you submit to get a clear idea of what we like to see.

Please also visit our Style Sheet before sending in your work.

  • Feature Article. The purpose of this article is to encourage informed debate, and to assist readers to improve their understanding of poetry. The subject matter is open, and minimum is 750 words, excluding any poetry quotations. There is a small payment (book token), and preference is given to members’ submissions. Please include a contributor’s bio. of up to 30 words.
  • Letters to the Editor: Readers are invited to comment on magazine content, or any other subject of interest to lovers of poets and poetry. Length is negotiable, and the letter may be abridged at the discretion of the Editor. There is no payment, and letter writers do not need to be members of the NZPS. Letters are accepted both by email and by post.
  • Noticeboard: Members are invited to submit items of interest for inclusion in the Noticeboard. This is not an advertising feature, so no payment is expected, but the Editor has discretion regarding whether the item is of sufficient general interest to be published. Attribution is required. Non-members can advertise events for a flat $50 (we are not GST registered).
  • Regional reports: This is an occasional column reporting on poetry events around the country. Writers may include poems from a reading or workshop they are reporting on, with the poet’s permission. Please be sure to check the accuracy of any poems used, including such features as punctuation, line breaks and spelling. There is no payment, and reporters do not need to be members of the NZPS.
  • How it is: This is an occasional opinion or informational piece, carrying no payment. Subject matter is open, as long as it relates to poetry, and blog items are acceptable, but must be declared. Preference is given to members, although there is more chance of being published in this section even if you are not a member, as there are relatively few submissions. Please include a contributor’s bio. of up to 30 words.
  • Talk Poem: The purpose of the Talk Poem is to introduce readers to new poetry, and to assist readers to improve their understanding of poetry. In essence, it is one poet discussing a poem by another poet, either because it is a favourite of the writer (who will be explaining why), or because it has something to teach the reader about the craft of poetry. There is a small payment. Please supply: Poem and name of poet, Title and Publisher of the book it appears in (if applicable), and a contributor’s bio. of up to 30 words. There is a small payment available (book token), and preference will be given to NZPS members, though non-members’ submissions are carefully considered and are used if of a good standard.
  • Members’ Poems: NZPS members may submit poems of up to 40 lines for the back page of the magazine. Poems may be published or not published, but if they are published please include the name of the publication in which they appear. Please submit 3-4 poems as 1 or more attachment(s), and do not expect them to be published in the next issue, as there is always a backlog of submissions. There is currently a small payment, the amount of which depends on what’s left in the book token envelope. We occasionally publish the work of non-members, by invitation only.

We don’t accept submissions from non-members who send a poem/s and a website link in the body of the email, with no covering note.

How to submit

Email submissions to: editor@poetrysociety.org.nz

We prefer receiving submissions via email, though postal ones are accepted. If emailing, please attach Feature Articles, Reviews, How it is and poems for the Members’ Poems page as either Word docs or Rich Text. Please include any special formatting considerations in your email.

2018 Deadlines

February edition: deadline 10 January

May edition: deadline 10 April
Theme: to be announced

August edition: deadline 10 July
Theme: to be announced

November edition: deadline 10 October
Theme: to be announced

Members receive first notice of poetry themes through their subscription of a fine line. Don’t miss out.

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