‘a fine line’ quarterly magazine

a fine line is New Zealand Poetry Society’s quarterly magazine. Each issue contains feature articles, poetry book reviews, members’ poems, plus a seasonal featured poet.

We only publish poems written by our members, so we encourage you to join or renew your membership if you’d like to share your work. Non-members are welcome to send work for consideration for other sections of the magazine. 

One of the many ways we support NZ poets is to put forward every edition of the magazine for consideration in the annual Best New Zealand Poems.

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Publication guidelines

We welcome contributions to the following sections of a fine line. If you are new to contributing your work, or have not read the magazine before, please view the latest edition from the archive. It may help give a clearer idea of our preferences.

Please also read our Style Sheet and edit your work accordingly before sending it in.

Feature Articles

  • We are keen to publish articles that encourage and strengthen readers’ and writers’ relationship with poetry. We would also like to see articles that can assist NZPS’s readership in practical areas, such as poetry publishing or poetry performance. NZPS members include beginner, emerging, and established poets, so the article needs to be of relevance to them. The subject matter is open.
  • Members’ contributions will have precedence.
  • Specifications: 750-1500 words, excluding any poetry quotations. Include a contributor’s bio of up to 30 words.

Featured Poet

  • By invitation only.

Poetry Book Reviews

  • We have a set list of books available that can be requested for review. Once a book has been received by a reviewer, the review should be completed within three months. Reviewers keep the book. We will also consider unsolicited reviews of other books, depending on space.  
  • Specifications: 500-1000 words, excluding quotations — although this is negotiable, depending on the nature of the book under review. Include a contributor’s bio of up to 30 words.


  • We have a set list of books available that can be requested for review. Once a book has been received by a reviewer, the review should be completed within three months. Micro-reviewers keep the book as payment. Micro-reviews are published on the NZPS website. Our micro-reviews can be read here.
  • Specifications: 250-500 words, excluding quotations — although this is negotiable, depending on the nature of the book under review. Include a contributor’s bio of up to 30 words.

Members’ Poems

  • NZPS members may submit poems. We occasionally publish the work of non-members, by invitation only. Poems may be unpublished or previously published.
  • Specifications: Each poem can be up to 40 lines. Send 3-4 poems as either 1 or more attachment(s), or pasted in the text of the email. If previously published, please include the name of the publication in which they appeared. Include a contributor’s bio of up to 30 words, and the renewal date of your NZPS financial membership.

Talk Poem

  • The purpose of the Talk Poem is to introduce readers to new poetry, and to assist readers to improve their understanding of poetry. In essence, it is one poet discussing a poem by another poet, either because it is a favourite of the writer (who will be explaining why), or because it has something to teach the reader about the craft of poetry.
  • Preference given to NZPS members, though non-members’ submissions are carefully considered, and selected, if of a good standard.
  • Specifications: Include the poem and name of poet, title and publisher of the book in which it appears (if applicable). Include a contributor’s bio of up to 30 words.

Letters to the Editor

  • Readers are invited to comment on magazine content, or any other subject of interest to lovers of poets and poetry.
  • Letter writers need not be members of the NZPS.
  • Specifications: Length is negotiable, although the letter may be abridged at the discretion of the Editor. Letters are accepted via email and post.

Regional Reports

  • This is an occasional column reporting on poetry events around the country. Writers may include poems from a reading or workshop they are reporting on, with the poet’s permission. Please be sure to check the accuracy of any poems used, including punctuation, line breaks, and spelling.
  • Reporters need not be members of the NZPS.

Events & Opportunities

  • Please note: As of May 2018, this section is now phased out of the magazine. We suggest you join us on our NZPS Facebook page, where we regularly post news of poetry opportunities, competitions, and journal deadlines. For Regular NZ Poetry Events, please visit this page.
  • Members are still welcome to send in items of interest for posting on Facebook and the website. Non-members can advertise events. Email NZPS for rates. NB: We are not GST registered.

How to submit * updated *

Once you have consulted our Style Sheet, please address your work to a fine line‘s editor Ivy Alvarez at editor@poetrysociety.org.nz

Submissions must include the following:

  • bio (strictly 30 words maximum)
  • renewal date of NZPS financial membership (for Members’ poems)
  • contact details (address and email address; phone number optional)

We prefer to receive your work via email. If emailing, please attach your document as either a Word Document or PDF, and mention any special formatting considerations in your email.

Postal contributions are also accepted through our PO Box:

New Zealand Poetry Society
PO Box 5283
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Authors retain all rights. However, we would appreciate crediting a fine line in any subsequent publication.

For any questions regarding reviewing for a fine line, please email Emma Shi at reviews@poetrysociety.org.nz

If you would like to review poetry books for a fine line, please email Emma with a sample of your work. For micro-reviews, please email Emma with your place of study as well as a sample.

2020 Deadlines and Themes

Autumn edition: deadline 10 January
Theme: Birds

Winter edition: deadline 30 April
Theme: Fruit

Spring edition: deadline 10 July
Theme: Shoes

Summer edition: deadline 10 October
Theme: TBA

Financial members of NZPS receive first notice of poetry themes upon receipt of the latest edition of a fine line. Join or renew, so you don’t miss out.

Payment to writers

Select contributions receive a small payment (NZ book token).

Poems $20 book token per poet

Featured Poet $40 book token for four poems

Articles $40 book token for articles

Reviews $20 to $40 book token for reviews

There is no payment for regional reports or Letters to the Editor.

Archive of a fine line

Kindly note that a fine line only becomes available in the archive three to four months after the current edition is distributed to NZPS’s financial members.

To receive your copy at the same time as distribution, please consider joining or renewing your membership.

Click here to view our archive of Featured Poets.


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