Marion Moxham

Marion Moxham lives in Palmerston North and has written haiku since 2012, after encouragement from the NZ Poetry Society and its associated Haiku NewZ. Marion has previously worked in education and developed an interest in maths puzzles for children and has also worked with children and families in a health setting.

Some of the triggers she uses for writing haiku include surprise, sadness, beauty, laughter, juxtaposition: ‘I walk along a path and a tree bud bursts into a flower. I sit and watch it lose its petals. I look for more and there are none. The flower grows its seed and when I stand it drops on me and I jump back, see it grow into a seed to write in the sand.’ Email Marion.

my breath
takes it away

its own slant

on the weather

blue sky before dawn
the moon
full of itself 

bobbing up the riverbank
the dust of a rabbit
skipping stones

string of sparrows pegging clothes

upright wings
butterfly sips nectar
slaps a bee

wind flicker
dandelion leaves
its post

the quiet footsteps
of a long weekend

black swan
shadows double
the ruffled stillness

empty nests
two sparrows watch
winter drips 

Publication Notes

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