My delicate china lady dressed in white a flouncy dress and decorative hat stands with poise at the foot of my bed   you guard my repose you light up the passage   The hall doorway closed to idle grown-up play so I do not feel scared when stairs creak with small footsteps apples drop […]

A puzzling geography, medieval, the earth a shrinking island surrounded by dreams, gardens with golden poisons, monsters and dangerous nonsense. Miles of yesterdays locked under marmalade cupboards in the house of useless cards. You’re thinking of the lighthouse. Before eyes can savour new horizons memory sends narrow flashes like bullets; this is how it’s done. […]

I   A deafening crash and the twisting of metal indelibly pressed in her mind Nothing, just darkness, she then comes ‘round, sees a face, gentle and kind It’s the face of a fireman, she knows that he cares, but she drifts into darkness again As she dreams of his face, and she knows that […]