Owen Bullock


Owen Bullock has been writing haiku since 1999. Born and bred in Cornwall, he has been resident in New Zealand for more than 20 years. Owen has published two books of haiku, wild camomile (Post Pressed, Australia, 2009) and breakfast with epiphanies (Oceanbooks, Tauranga 2012). He also wrote the novella, A Cornish Story (Palores, UK, 2010), and a number of chapbooks of poetry and haibun.

His first full collection of longer poems, sometimes the sky isn’t big enough, was published by Steele Roberts in 2011. He is a former editor of Spin, Bravado, Kokako and Poetry NZ, and was one of the editors who produced Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Vol IV.

He edited a series of haiku chapbooks for Puriri Press of which his man and boy (2010) is one. In 2014 he began work on his PhD at the University of Canberra in Australia and in 2015 published Urban Haiku (Recent Work Press, Australia). Contact Owen.

the boatshed wall
a boat

a giant rimu falls
within an hour

years later
off the pier
the same few boys fishing

ex-junkie –
two bags
in his teacup

into the stillness
a neighbour shovels

op shop
pepper grinder
even has pepper

on the chess board
becoming fewer

city dump
a little boy finds
an old speech bubble

an ambulance
fades with the distance . . .
sometimes . . .

another accusation the sky is purple

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