Owen Bullock


Owen Bullock began writing haiku in 1999 and has published four collections, Wild camomile (2009), Breakfast with epiphanies (2012), Urban Haiku (2015) and River’s Edge (2016). He is a former editor of Kokako, New Zealand’s only specialist haiku magazine, and was one of the editors who produced Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Vol IV (2012).

He has also published three books of longer poems, Sometimes the sky isn’t big enough (2010), Semi (2017) and Work & Play (2017), as well as the novella, A Cornish Story (2010).

Owen holds a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Canberra where he currently teaches. Visit his podcast website to hear about Owen’s latest research. Contact Owen.

the boatshed wall
a boat

a giant rimu falls
within an hour

years later
off the pier
the same few boys fishing

ex-junkie –
two bags
in his teacup

into the stillness
a neighbour shovels

op shop
pepper grinder
even has pepper

on the chess board
becoming fewer

city dump
a little boy finds
an old speech bubble

an ambulance
fades with the distance . . .
sometimes . . .

another accusation the sky is purple

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