Margaret Beverland

margaret3Margaret Beverland moved to Katikati in 2004. On discovering the Haiku Pathway, she began to study and write haiku, and was invited to be Treasurer for the Katikati Haiku Pathway Focus Committee.

Her work was first published in the taste of nashi the third New Zealand Haiku Anthology (Windrift 2008), and since then her work has appeared in Kokako, Bravado, and in two NZ Poetry Society anthologies, and overseas in Australia and the United States. In 2010 one of her haiku was engraved on a boulder on the Haiku Pathway. Email Margaret.

whitebait season . . .
fishermen fritter away
the day

                into the stream
                       the shadow of a swallow

beyond the yellow gate
marigolds   marigolds

the thrush

every morning
waiting for the kingfisher . . .
bare branch of the eucalypt

as the days grow shorter
thyme         flowers in my garden

if not for the shadow
on the canyon wall
I would have missed the condor

wind chimes across parched fields a dandelion drifts

chasing clouds
the scent of lemon

all the way down
freewheeling through
cicada song

Publication Notes

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if not for the shadow: ibid.

clouds: FreeXpresSion, (Australia) May 2010.

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