Linzy Forbes

lindsayforbesLinzy Forbes is the author of The Bearing Earth, a satire on Eliot’s The Wasteland. He has won numerous commendations for his poetry including first prize in an international haiku competition. His work has been published in several journals, anthologies and texts, and has also been used by other performers.

Much of his poetry is politically motivated. He and Alison Wong were the co-founders of Poetry Café in Porirua, Wellington, and Linzy has been invited guest poet at numerous venues throughout New Zealand.

In 2001, Linzy received a civic honour from the City of Porirua in recognition of outstanding voluntary service in the field of cultural activities. He is also the publisher and proprietor of Inkweed, which has published poetry and a novel. He has served as vice-president of the NZ Poetry Society. In 2010 Linzy moved to Dunedin. Email Linzy.

muddy circle
measured in the snow
by a dog’s chain

shifting house
Hokusai’s Great Wave
rolled up on the floor

friend’s dog
shakes the Avon River
all over our lunch

a little frown
on my wife’s face
unpeeled chestnuts

bright winter day
tattoo’d man takes a child’s hand
across the street

the little girl
lifts her eyebrows
orchid scent

the wind dies
wet paint
smudged on glass

Xmas lilies
on the white tablecloth
child licks the bowl

Publication notes

bright winter day: Kapiti Poems 8 (NZ).

All others unpublished.