Katikati Haiku Contest: 2016

Senior Section

autumn moon
eclipsed for a moment
migrating geese

– Tracy Davidson, UK, First

clear sky
a refugee kisses
the café window

– Cynthia Rowe, Australia, Second

autumn garden
my thoughts
a deeper green

Scott Mason, US, Third

Best Local Haiku

pruning –
I leave the twig
with the ladybird

– Catherine Bullock, Waihi

Highly Commended

museum –
in the artist’s ink stone
ancient  pines

– Andre Surridge, Hamilton

unclipped forsythia
all children
can sing

– Scott Mason, US

hot morning:
the sister’s peaked hat
is an exercise book

– Robert Alcock, Spain

heavy traffic
the fragrance of jasmine
crosses the road

– Elaine Riddell, Hamilton


tidal pool sea shapes glide past sea shapes

– Cynthia Rowe, Australia

daytime moon –
the lightness
of plum blossom

– Catherine Bullock, Waihi

name tapes
on boarding school clothes –
my mother cuts the thread

– Joanne Watcyn-Jones, Australia

a child
hiding in a hayfield
cloud drift

– Elaine Riddell, Hamilton

flight arrival
the slow descent and taxi
of a pelican

– Jan Dobb, Australia

garden concert
the aroma
of mozart

– Ernest J Berry, Blenheim

Junior Section

snow      the blackbird’s eyes

– Evie Johnson, 11 years, Christchurch, First

bouncing on the trampoline
Hazel goes up, I go down
flowers bounce with her

– Amber Church, 9 years, Waihi School, Second

the pen
comes alive

– Aria Chiari, 11 years, Omanu School, Mt Maunganui, Third

Highly Commended:

six hours of school
the last bell finally rings
woohoo freedom

– Axel O’Dea-Carey, 11 years, Katikati Primary School

silent room
everyone bites their nails
the winner is . . .

– Max Balmer, 8 years, Maungatapu School


eyes closed
still here
yet gone

– Darcee Taylor, 10 years, Omanu School, Mt Maunganui

family with me,
entering intensive care
Grandad in soft bed

– Jackson Green, 8 years, Maungatapu School

squeaky floorboards
bolt upright in bed
spooky shadows

– Holly Marjoribanks & Stevie Newton, 8 years, Omokoroa School

plucking off berries
keruru wearing
not so white t-shirt

– Dallas Mackenzie Hall, 9 years, Tauriko School

gliding through warm air
above salty crashing waves
shadows of seagulls

– Alyssa Alexander, 10 years, Waihi

mountain bike meets berm
gaining speed faster and faster
I’m riding on air

– Reuben Syme, 10 years, Kaimai School