Katikati Haiku Contest: 2010

Senior section: 445 entries

a moment before sunrise –
ice singing
beneath the swans’ feet

– Martin Lucas (England), First

3 a.m
the overhead fan
clicks clicks clicks

– Joanne Watcyn-Jones (Australia), Second

he leaves in an ambulance –
the chrysanthemum buds
closed tight

– Kirsten Cliff (Papamoa), Third

Highly Commended

a field in bloom –
the foal’s tracks
follow the mare’s

– Carole MacRury (USA)

his father’s death …
shadows of raindrops
on the window ledge

– Beverley George (Australia)

fallen leaf –
the stream carrying
another silence

– Eduard Tara (Romania)


already my toddler’s hair

– Vanessa Proctor (Australia)

full moon at Motuhoa
cloud the evening tide

– Barbara Hart (Tauranga)

soft mist …
a mother cups
her baby’s head

– Joanne Watcyn-Jones

half light
the river scarred
by a heron

– Beverley George

Best Local Haiku:

helping dad
move the rose bush
scent of mum

– Dave Robertson (Katikati)

Junior Section: 117 entries

evening walk
at the top of the hill
the loudest bird

– Sophia Frentz (Tauranga, 17), First equal

between the gaps
a crab hole
changes colour

– Harry Frentz
Tauranga Boys’ College, 14, First equal

among the swans
angry voices –
family photo

– Sophia Frentz, Third

Highly Commended:

summer moon –
a cricket
starts his band

– Harry Frentz

first class –
the girl next to me
already passing notes

– Sophia Frentz


netball goal
hangs out
waiting for the ball

– Shavaughan Vaega
(Whakamarama School, 12)

sandy footprints
leaving their mark
on the world

– Tara Blackshaw
(Matahui Road School, 12)

golf ball
lying still – waiting
for its golfer

– Zane Petersen
(Tauriko School, 11)

low tide –
I see
Neptune’s beard

– Harry Frentz

footprints in the sand
following us
destroyed by waves

– Shavaughn Vaega