Mac Miller

mac miller

Mac Miller immigrated to New Zealand in 1966, coming from London as a tradesman in the printing industry. He now lives in Hamilton. After running a print business Mac retired early and took to writing haiku after meeting Hamilton poet Andre Surridge and visiting Canadian haiku poet George Swede. He enjoys, and leans toward writing, senryu, and also has a long-held passion for photography. Contact Mac.




body builder
working out abs


first time
a tiniest drop of him
home on her skirt                   


my feet
finding their own slippers
in the dark                              


down stairs again
my knees                                 


by the gate
a wild rose holds me
for a second                             


dark embrace
deep in her handbag
a wrinkled snap                        


the nurse
supports my hand in hers
temperature rises                     


lights out
my bookmark slips
between lovers                        


school wall
her name scratched off
my heart                                 


a tongue trip
ended their dance
in silence               

Publication notes:

body builder : Prune Juice 2, 2009

first time: Croatian Institute of Medicine

my feet : Kokako 10

creaking : Kokako 10

by the gate: Kokako 24

dark embrace : Kokako 24

the nurse : Kokako 23

lights out : Kokako 27

school wall : Kokako 26

a tongue trip : Kokako 26