Index of poets

Welcome to this collection of haiku by New Zealand’s best poets. Each entry also contains a short bio note, contact details (if available) and a photo (if supplied). Read, enjoy and share!

Helen Bascand , 1929-2015

Ernest J Berry, 1929-2021

Margaret Beverland

Tony Beyer

Nola Borrell

Greeba Brydges-Jones, 1928-2015

Catherine Bullock

Owen Bullock

Tony Chad

Cyril Childs, 1941-2012

Steven Clarkson

Kirsten Cliff Elliot

Anne Curran

Ruth Dallas, CBE, 1919-2008

Eric Dodson

Linzy Forbes

Jenny Fraser

Bernard Gadd, 1935-2007

Catherine Mair, QSM

Mac Miller

Marion Moxham

John O’Connor, 1949-2015

Karen Peterson Butterworth

Joanna Preston

Patricia Prime

Katherine Raine

Elaine Riddell

Aalix Roake, 1947-2018

Sandra Simpson

Jeanette Stace, 1917-2006

Barbara Strang

André  Surridge. 1951-2019

Hansha Teki

Richard von Sturmer

Dick Whyte

Helen Yong