Helen Bascand

helenHelen Bascand lived in Christchurch and was an active member of The Small White Teapot Haiku Group almost up until the time of her death at the end of April 2015. Some of her haiku are in the group’s award-winning anthology, listening to the rain (2002).

Her poems, including haiku, appeared in anthologies and magazines, both in New Zealand and overseas. Some were placed or commended in Australian and New Zealand competitions. Her first collection, windows on the morning side was published in 2001 and included a haiku section, as did her last book, into the vanishing point (2007).


                                     the slide

     nudges …
                beaches …
                              old shoe

teenage daughter –
beyond the policeman at the door
the street light

after the game
full moon
between the goal posts

time on my hands
another birthday

after the bomb blast
          picks up
                         an orange

in the shed
of cobwebs

my feet up –
one lazy blowfly

Sunday at the building site
bees work the hollyhocks

 Publication notes

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