Greeba Brydges-Jones

greebaGreeba Brydges-Jones (1928-2015) was a retired teacher, of Manx and Scottish descent, who had been interested in reading, writing and poetry since childhood and had her first poetry published in the 1950s.

She was a member of the Christchurch Airing Cupboard Poetry Group, of the Small White Teapot haiku group and the Canterbury Poets Collective. She had poems and haiku published in New Zealand, Australia, England and the United States. She lived in Christchurch all her life.

crowded lift
no raising
of eyes

as you left
only half a moon

postal box
letting go
that letter

kite string
the wind

putting on a brave face
as she loses her hair

Canterbury nor’wester
the cat stretched
under the geraniums

and falling
into its own libretto

formal dinner
the forgotten savour
of etiquette

nativity scene
waving to grandma

Japanese garden how quiet the moss

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