Dick Whyte

dickwhyte Dick Whyte is a haiku/senryu/tanka poet from Wellington who holds a master’s degree in film, exploring the work of New Zealand experimental film-maker Joanna Margaret Paul. One of the central points of his thesis was exploring the connections between experimental film and haiku, particularly in terms of structure (floating lines, juxtaposition, etc.), the reader as collaborator (rather than interpreter) and multiplicity (through the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze).

He teaches critical theory at Massey University in Wellington and also enjoys playing folk music (with wife Robyn Kenealy), noise music (with the band Nova Scotia) and conceptual music (as Supercomposer), as well as making digital art and experimental films (among other things). Dick was co-editor of the online journal Haiku News with Laurence Stacey, combining haiku (senryu and tanka) from around the world with news headlines. An anthology from the Haiku News collection was published in 2012.

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round and
round and round –
the moon


after the argument


lamplight –
a moth zigzags
between stars


benefit cuts
her letter to santa
goes unanswered


spring moon
she re-threads my dead
nana’s pearls


where soldiers
once slept and died –
a spider’s home


bright moon
the security guard checks
every room


revolution in Egypt
I “like” their
Facebook page


while reading Raizan
“the spring rain”
starts to rain


before everyone else –
first snow


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