Bernard Gadd

bernieaBernard Gadd was born in 1935 in Hamilton, and died in Auckland in December 2007. He was married with two adult children.

Bernard was a former high school teacher and technical institute tutor in English as a second language (ESOL) and had short stories, novels, drama and non-fiction published, much of it for teenage readers. He was also an occasional small press publisher and anthologist, and most recently was senior editor of the Auckland anthology Manukau in Poetry.

His most recent poetry collection was Pokeno Opposes the Kaiser (Hallard Press, 2004).  For several years he was co-editor of Kokako journal, transitioning the journal from its previous incarnation as winterSPIN. Bernard won both the Bravado poetry contest and the Takahe cultural essay contest in 2004, and was judge for the 2005 NZ Poetry Society senior haiku contest. His haiku, tanka and poetry have appeared internationally in print and on-line.

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lost tour bus
between fences
in Landscape Road
hissing line to China …
your reply’s
Amish joke
old-style string-base bed
only for unwanted guests
scooting in boater and braces
tourist eyes
backless benches …
vertebrae follow
of the Word …

carter polishing hooves
crouches out
of camera shot
admires the new handbag    
on the window sill
then Rangitoto’s Fuji
new moon                           
more brilliant than the colour
of my lamp lit hair
again imagining drifts
on a stream through
bridge shadow  
silver paper glints …   
her death’s anniversary
origami cranes

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