Anne Curran

annecurranAnne Curran lives in Hamilton in the North Island and is passionate about the arts in New Zealand. She has been writing haiku for about six years and has enjoyed the wisdom and support of other poets and editors during this creative period. Anne feels there is still much to learn and enjoy from her writing and reading of haiku. Email Anne.

summer heat
overripe plums spill
into a bowl

lamp light
Buddha’s features

as she turns to leave
my mother’s
girlish smile

talk of suicide –
mother and daughter
on the way home

on an embankment
three Chinese
gather chestnuts

shorter days …
wizened grapes
cling to the vine

a sunlit stream running into a pool: writing myself

a man alone
on a porch …
smoke unfurling

voices of India
from a kitchen window
smell of curry

autumn tide
the geese changing shape
over an old wharf

Publication notes

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