André Surridge


Photo: Geoff Lawn

Born in Hull, England, André Surridge was a poet and playwright who lived in Hamilton.

Widely published, his awards included: Katikati Haiku Contest, NZ, 2004; paper wasp Jack Stamm Haiku Award, Australia, 2006; Elizabeth Searle Lamb Award, USA, 2007; 1st Florida State Poets Association Haiku Contest, US, 2008 and the Jane Reichhold International Prize, US, 2010.

Read tributes made at the time of André’s death.



a raindrop
riding a spider’s thread
leaf tip to leaf tip


the instructor’s toenails
painted blue


the dog chews
an old bone


the synchronized bounce
of pony-tails


end of a stalk
the caterpillar climbs
a ladder of air


fallow field
the frosted shadow
of a scarecrow


landing in her lap
a scroll of bark
from the eucalypt


losing track
of my thoughts the flight
of a butterfly


my mouth
full of fingers, the dentist
asks about holidays


sunny day
butter melting
on sweet corn cobs


Publication notes:

a raindrop: Presence #33 (UK) 2007.

aquajogging: Kokako 9 (NZ) 2008.

arthritis: World Haiku Review Volume 8, Issue 1, 2010.

cheerleaders: Third, moonset competition, February 2008.

end of a stalk: Highly Commended Irish Haiku Society Contest, 2009.

fallow field: The Heron’s Nest, Vol. XI, No.4 (US) 2009.

landing in her lap: paper wasp 15 (1), Australia, summer, 2009.

losing track: Merit Award, R H Blyth Award, UK, 2007.

my mouth: Valley Micropress (NZ) Vol.13, Issue 2, 2010.

sunny day: Honourable Mention, Ito-En competition, Japan, 2010.