My Favourite Haiku

Welcome to selections of favourite haiku and short commentaries on them by various well-known writers and editors. This is an occasional feature that is intended to be read for both pleasure and education.

Bruce Ross selection (March 2017)

Gary Hotham selection (February 2017)

Angela Terry selection (November 2016)

Susan Constable selection (October 2016)

Scott Mason selection (June 2016)

Stephen Addiss selection (May 2016)

Alan Summers selection (April 2016)

Ron Moss selection (March 2016)

Karen Cesar selection (October 2015)

Patrick Sweeney selection (June 2015)

Carlos Colon selection (May 2015)

Ken Jones selection (April 2015)

Cherie Hunter Day selection (March 2015)

Tom Painting selection (February 2015)

Elizabeth Smither selection (December 2014)

Ellen Grace Olinger selection (August 2014)

Ferris Gilli selection (June 2014)

Paul Miller selection (May 2014)

Patricia Machmiller selection (April 2014)

Matt Morden selection (March 2014)

Martin Lucas selection (February 2014)

Beverley George selection (November 2013)

Eduard Tara selection (October 2013)

Jacqui Murray selection (September 2013)

Seren Fargo selection (June 2013)

Cynthia Rowe selection (February 2013)

Melissa Allen selection (January 2013)

Kirsten Cliff selection (November 2012)

Margaret Beverland selection (October 2012)

Richard von Sturmer selection (September 2012)

Werner Reichhold selection (June 2012)

Patricia Prime selection (May 2012)

Jane Reichhold selection (April 2012)

Paul MacNeil selection (March 2012)

Barbara Strang selection (February 2012)

Karen Peterson Butterworth selection (November 2011)

Vanessa Proctor selection (October 2011)

David Cobb selection (September 2011)

Greg Piko selection (August 2011)

Nola Borrell selection (August 2011)

 André  Surridge selection (July 2011)

Catherine Mair selection (April 2011)

Tony Beyer selection (March 2011)