Contests, Publications & Groups

Here you’ll find details of haiku competitions you can enter, publications you can submit to around the world, and groups you may join or reach out to when travelling.

Competitions (see below)

Publications to submit to  : Haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, haiga (click on the link)

Groups : Contact details for haiku groups both within New Zealand and around the world (click on the link).

Learning to Write Haiku : NZPS member Katherine Raine has compiled a brilliant 47-page booklet for those teaching and wanting to teach haiku (includes lesson plans and commentary on exemplar haiku). Click on the link to download a free pdf.

Haiku Checklist : Katherine Raine, the NZPS International Haiku Contest judge for 2018, has prepared a short checklist to ensure that what you’re calling a haiku is, as far as possible, actually a haiku. Useful for anyone new to the form or teaching themselves.

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Please remember to check all details – we do our best to ensure accuracy but the final responsibility is yours.

Haiku-na Matata Contest
Bay of Plenty residents only. Prize is a ticket to an event at Tauranga Arts Festival (Oct 24-Nov 3). 5-7-5 haiku on the theme ‘where does your mind go when it wanders’.
Closes: August 21.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Kusamakura Haiku Competition
Limit 2 haiku. First prize receives ¥50,000. Other prizes of ¥5000 each, plus one winner will receive a “commemorative gift”. Winners informed by email at the beginning of November with an awards ceremony on November 16. Winning poems will appear on the website.
Closes: August 31.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Penumbra Haiku Contest
5-7-5 format. Cash prizes totalling $US105 and publication of the top haiku in the Seven Hills Review. Winners notified by December. All entries and payment must be made through the website.
Closes: August 31.
Cost: $US8/haiku (there is a discount for members of the Tallahassee Writers Association).
Full details from the website (scroll down).

Porad Haiku Award
Cash prizes totalling $US175 and published on the Haiku Northwest website. Winners will be announced at the annual Seabeck Getaway, October 24-27. Judge is Tom Painting.
Closes: September 20 (postmarked).
Cost:  $US1/poem.
Full details from the website.

Fujisan Tanka Contest
Limit 1 tanka on the theme of Mt Fuji. Winners announced in December.
Closes: September 20.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website (scroll down to read the rules).

Haiku International Association Contest
Limit 2 haiku. Winners announced December 9. The results will appear in the HI journal and on the HIA website.
Closes: September 25.
Cost: Free.
For full details see the website.

Mainichi Daily News Haiku Contest
Limit of 2 haiku in the international section. Please note the copyright restrictions. Winners announced in February. Toru Haga is the judge for the international section. Results announced in March 2020.
Closes:  September 30.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

EU-Japan NewSpace2060 International Illustrated Haiku Competition 
Haiku entries both with and without illustration on the theme of ‘space’. Illustrated entries are limited in size to one A4 page (but submit as many as you’d like). Finalists announced at the International Aeronautical Congress 2019, Washington DC, from October 21-25.
Closes: September 30.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Haiku Rugby Contest
Limit 1 unpublished haiku in English. Cash prizes totalling €150 for the two best haiku, with Rugby World Cup stuff for the best three haiku. A condition of entry is that, although copyright remains with the author, permission is granted to publish work (if selected) in issue 3 of seashores journal. Winners announced on November 3. Judges are David Burleigh and Stephen Henry Gill (Tito).
Closes: October 13.
Cost: Free.
Submit: By email only with the subject line ‘seashores haiku contest’. No attachments. In the body of the email include first name, family name, country of residence.

Autumn Moon Haiku Contest
Limit 1 haiku on the theme of autumn. Winners published on the website and in the Autumn Moon journal.
Closes: October 31.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

San Francisco International Competition
Haiku, senryu and tanka. Cash prizes totalling $US175 in the haiku contest; $US100 in the other categories. Results announced in January and winning poems published in the Haiku Poets of Northern California journal, Mariposa.
Closes: In hand October 31.
Cost: $US1/poem.
Full details from the website.

Basho-an International English Haiku Contest
For 2- or 3-line haiku. Winners notified in January. Winning poems will be published on websites and in an anthology next October. Please read the Copyright section with care.
Closes: November 23.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Irish Haiku Society Competition
Cash prizes totalling €230, plus 7 highly commended awards. Winners announced in January and published in Shamrock journal. Judge is Anatoly Kudryavitsky.
Closes: November 30.
Cost: €3 / £2.50 / $US4 / ¥500 per haiku; €20 / £15 / $US25 / ¥3000 per 7 haiku.
Full details from the website.

Snapshot Press Book Awards
Collections of 60-100 pieces may comprise haiku, tanka, other short poems, haibun/tanka prose, or any combination of these. Results announced January 31.
Closes: November 30.
Cost: £20 or $US30, may be paid via the website.
Full details from the website.