Contests, Publications & Groups

Here you’ll find details of haiku competitions you can enter, publications you can submit to around the world, and groups you may join or reach out to when travelling.

Competitions (see below)

Publications to submit to  : Haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, haiga (click on the link)

Groups : Contact details for haiku groups both within New Zealand and around the world (click on the link).

Learning to Write Haiku : NZPS member Katherine Raine has compiled a brilliant 47-page booklet for those teaching and wanting to teach haiku (includes lesson plans and commentary on exemplar haiku). Click on the link to download a free pdf.

Haiku Checklist : Katherine Raine, the NZPS International Haiku Contest judge for 2018, has prepared a short checklist to ensure that what you’re calling a haiku is, as far as possible, actually a haiku. Useful for anyone new to the form or teaching themselves.

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Please remember to check all details – we do our best to ensure accuracy but the responsibility is yours.

Pula Film Festival Haiku Contest
Limit 1 haiku on the theme of ‘cinematography, cinema or films’. Results announced November 22. Selected poems will be exhibited in the lobby of Valli Cinema (Pula, Croatia) on the occasion of the opening of the Japanese film festival from November 22-26.
Closes: October 25.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website (scroll down for English).

Mainichi Daily News Haiku Contest
One first prize of ¥50,000. Please note the copyright restrictions. Winners announced in January.
Closes: October 27.
Cost: $US10/haiku for entries in the International Section (up to 2 entries in Braille may be submitted for free).
Full details from the website.

Autumn Moon Haiku Contest
Limit 1 haiku on the theme autumn.
Closes: October 31.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

San Francisco International Competition
Haiku, senryu and tanka. Cash prizes totalling $US175 in the haiku contest; $US100 in the other categories. Results announced in January and winning poems published in Mariposa, the Haiku Poets of Northern California journal.
Closes: In hand October 31 (email entry only).
Cost: $US1/poem.
Full details from the website.

Akita International Haiku Contest
Limit 1 haiku on the theme: Mystery/depth. Results announced in December and winners published in Serow 5.
Closes: October 31.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Basho-an International English Haiku Contest
For 2-3-line haiku, up to 10 may be entered. Winners notified at the end of December. Winning poems will be published on websites and in an anthology next October. Note the copyright restriction. Judges are Kai Hasegawa, Naoko Fujita and Dhugal J. Lindsay.
Closes: November 10.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Africa Haiku Prize
Limit 5 haiku on the theme of ‘Africa’. Three-line haiku only. Categories for poets resident in Africa; and those not. Results available early next year.
Closes: November 30.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the Africa Haiku Network Facebook page (scroll down to find it).

Snapshot Press Book Awards
For collections of 60-100 short poems, including haibun. Results announced January 31.
Closes: November 30.
Cost: £20 or $US30, may be paid via the website.
Full details from the website.

Touchstone Poem Awards
Open to any haiku/senryu published during 2021. A panel of judges (see the webpage) will bestow a number of awards for poems they believe represent a noteworthy addition to English-language haiku. Anyone who has had at least 1 haiku/senryu published during 2021 may nominate 2 poems, 1 of which may be their own.
Closes: December 31.
Cost: Free.
Full details, including an entry form, from the website.

Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards
The award is open to books, both print and e-books, published in the calendar year 2021. Judges named on the webpage.
Closes: December 31 (postmark).
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.