Contests, Publications & Groups

Here you’ll find details of haiku competitions you can enter, publications you can submit to around the world, and groups you may join or reach out to when travelling.

Competitions (see below)

Publications to submit to  – haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, haiga (click on the link)

Groups – contact details for haiku groups both within New Zealand and around the world (click on the link).

Learning to Write Haiku : NZPS member Katherine Raine has compiled a brilliant 47-page booklet for those teaching and wanting to teach haiku (includes lesson plans and commentary on exemplar haiku). Click on the link to download a free pdf.

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Please remember to check all details – we do our best to ensure accuracy but the final responsibility is yours.

Bulgarian Cherry Blossom Haiku Contest
Limit 3 unpublished haiku in English or Bulgarian on the theme of cherry blossom. Winners announced on May 25 and published in Cultural News online (website in Bulgarian). Judges of the English section: Аntoaneta Nikolova, Alexandra Ivoylova, Zornitza Harizanova, Iliyana Stoyanova and Vessislava Savova.
Closes: March 25.
Cost: Free.
Submit: Send haiku with your name, e-mail and postal address in the body of an e-mail.

Haiku Magazine Contest
Limit of 6 haiku, 5-7-5 format. Results will be published in the (northern) spring/summer issue of Haiku magazine and winners and selected others in an anthology.
Closes: March 31.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

White Stork Haiku Contest
Limit one 3-line haiku (unpublished, not submitted elsewhere). Winner will receive a plaque and all prizewinners will receive the White Stork collection. Results will be posted to the Three Rivers Haiku Association website in May and a prizegiving held on August 24, White Stork Day in Croatia.
Closes: March 31.
Cost: Free.
Email entries to Đurđa Vukelić Rožić, putting your haiku, name and address in the body of the email.

Annual Hortensia Anderson Memorial Haiku/Senryu Awards
Limit 10 haiku. Winning poems will be published in cattails.
Closes: April 15.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Kaji Aso Studio Haiku Contest
For haiku and senryu. Cash prizes $US525 (haiku) and $US75 (senryu). Winners posted to the website in June.
Closes: April 15 postmarked.
Cost: $US2/ poem. PayPal/email entry is now also available.
For full details and past winners see the website.

Time of Singing Contest
For haiku, senryu and tanka, limit 6 poems. Cash prizes totalling $US80. Please note that Time of Singing is a Christian journal.
Closes: May 15.
Cost: $US4/poem, PayPal available.
For full details see the website.

Tokutomi Memorial Haiku Contest
Cash prizes totalling $US175 for haiku in 5-7-5. Each haiku must use one kigo (season word) from the contest list.  Haiku with more than 1 listed kigo, or that do not use a listed kigo will be disqualified.
Closes: May 31.
Cost: $US7/page of 3 haiku (or $US8 if using PayPal).
For full details, including the kigo, see the website.

Sanford Goldstein International Tanka Contest
Cash prizes totalling $US175 with winning poems published in Ribbons, the Tanka Society of America journal. Judges are Janet Lynn Davis and James Chessing.
Enter: April 1-May 31 (in hand).
Cost: $US1/tanka, possible to pay through the website.
Full details from the website.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational
On the theme of “freedom” to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Winners published in various places, including newspapers and the Haiku Canada newsletter, printed in a chapbook hand folded and bound by Leaf Press and on the VCBF website. Top poems will receive celebrity readings and be featured in creative ways during the 2016 festival. Judges are DeVar Dahl, Angelee Deodhar and Billie Wilson.
Closes: June 1.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Award
Cash prizes totalling $US275, plus copies of Peggy’s books. Limit 5 haiku. Results announced July 31.
Closes: June 1.
Cost: Free.
For full details see the website.