Contests, Publications & Groups

Here you’ll find details of haiku competitions you can enter, publications you can submit to around the world, and groups you may join or reach out to when travelling.

Competitions (see below)

Publications to submit to  – haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun, haiga (click on the link)

Groups – contact details for haiku groups both within New Zealand and around the world (click on the link).

Learning to Write Haiku : NZPS member Katherine Raine has compiled a brilliant 47-page booklet for those teaching and wanting to teach haiku (includes lesson plans and commentary on exemplar haiku). Click on the link to download a free pdf.

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Please remember to check all details – we do our best to ensure accuracy but the final responsibility is yours.

IRIS Little Haiku Contest
Limit 3 haiku/senryu on the theme “international travel”. Winners will be advised by e-mail and the results published in IRIS in February, 2018.
Closes:  December 31.
Cost: Free.
E-mail entries to Đurđa Rožić. See the website, but this is about the extent of the detail.

Touchstone Poem Awards
Open to any haiku/senryu published during 2017. A panel of judges (named on the webpage) will bestow a number of awards for poems they believe represent a noteworthy addition to English-language haiku. The winning authors will receive an engraved stone from The Haiku Foundation. Anyone who has had at least 1 haiku/senryu published during 2017 may nominate 2 poems, 1 of which may be their own.
Closes: December 31.
Cost: Free.
Full details, including an entry form, from the website. See past winners here.

Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards
For a published collections of poems, or works of scholarship that present a noteworthy contribution to English-language haiku. The award is open to books published in the calendar year 2017.  Judges are named on the webpage.
Closes: December 31 (postmark).
Cost: Free.
For full details see the website.

Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest
Cash prizes totalling $C900. Send a postcard and a story of up to 500 words that ties to the postcard image. Winners published in Geist literary magazine and on the website.
Closes: January 15.
Cost: $C20 for the first entry, then $C5 for each entry thereafter.
Full details from the website.

World Tanka Competition
Cash prizes totalling $US400 for tanka on the theme ‘sunrise/sunset’. Winners posted to the Lyrical Passion website.
Closes: January 15.
Cost: $US3/tanka or 5 tanka for $US10 (pay through the website).
Full details from the website.

Akiko Yosano Tanka Award
Books as prizes. Limit 1 tanka. Look for category 11.
Closes: January 15 (postmarked).
Cost:  $US3 for non-members of the Pennsylvania Poetry Society.
Full details from the website (opens as a pdf).

Bloodroot Haiku Award
Cash prizes totalling $US90. Limit 1 haiku. Winners published in Pinesong. Winners  announced in May. Formerly the Griffin-Farlow Haiku Award.
Closes: January 19.
Cost: Free if a member of the North Carolina Poetry Society, otherwise $US8/poem.
Full details from the website.

Martin Lucas Haiku Award
Cash prizes totalling £200. Winning and commended poems will be published in Haiku Presence. Judge is Simon Chard.
Closes: January 31.
Cost: £5/ $US8/ €5 for up to 5 haiku and £1/ $US2/ €2 per haiku thereafter.
Full details from the website.

幻住庵 Genjuan International Haibun Contest
Limit 3 entries. Each haibun must be between 7 and 35 lines long and include at least one haiku. A Grand Prix, An (Cottage) prizes and Honourable Mentions with results posted to the website in May. Judges Nenten Tsubouchi, Stephen Henry Gill, Hisashi Miyazaki and Angelee Deodhar.
Closes: January 31.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Contest
Cash prizes totalling £360. Twelve haiku will be picked as monthly winners; 40 others will be runners-up. All will be published. Haiku should include a seasonal word or activity. Results announced on March 31.
Closes: January 31.
Cost: £6/$US10 for up to 3 haiku; £12/$US20 up to 10 haiku.
For full details (including advice on seasonal words, how to assign months and to see past winners) see the website.

British Haiku Society Awards
Haiku: Cash prizes totalling £225, judges are Vanessa Proctor and Robert Moyer. Tanka: Cash prizes totalling £225, judges are A A Marcoff and Paul Smith. Haibun: Cash prizes totalling £175, judge is Stella Pierides. Winning work published in the BHS journal Blithe Spirit in May and posted to the website.
Closes: In-hand January 31.
Cost: There is a cost to enter and a schedule of fees is available on the webpage.
For full details see the website.

HPNC Rengay Contest
First prize of $US100. The winning linked-verse poem will be published in Mariposa, the HPNC membership journal.
Closes: In hand January 31.
Cost: $US5/poem.
Full details from the website (scroll down).

Utah State Poetry Society Tanka Contest
Cash prizes totalling $US100. Limit 1 tanka. Look for category 17. (Note: The haiku contest is for financial members only.)
Closes: February 1.
Cost: $US8 for non-members.
Full details from the website (opens as a pdf).

Golden Haiku Competition
Prizes valued at up to $US500. Limit 3 haiku on the theme ‘spring in the city’. Winning haiku and selected others displayed in the Golden Triangle business district of Washington DC throughout March. A panel of judges.
Closes: February 2.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Haiku Society of America Merit Book Awards
For excellence in published haiku, translation, and criticism. Cash prizes totalling $US650. A list of winners will be published in Frogpond and the HSA website. Books must have been published in 2017 and clearly must contain a printed 2017©. An author or publisher may submit more than one title.
Closes: In hand by February 15.
Cost: Free.
Full details from the website.

Ito En Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest
Cash prizes (in yen), green tea products and inclusion in an anthology. Winning haiku will appear on Oi Ocha product packaging; results announced in July. Entrants are encouraged to “express themselves freely”. Limit of 6 haiku.
Closes: February 28.
Cost: Free.
For full details see the website.

HSA Bernard Lionel Einbond Renku Competition
Cash prizes totalling up to $US150, publication in Frogpond and on the HSA website. Any particular author may appear in no more than three different renku entered.
Closes: In hand February 28.
Cost: $US5/3 renku for HSA members; otherwise $US7/3 renku.
Full details from the website, including past winners.

Wild Plum Haiku Contest
Limit 1 haiku – one-liners also welcome. Winners posted to the website by May 1. Judges are Maria Tomczak and Gabriel Sawicki.
Closes: February 28.
Cost: Free.
For full details see the website.

Vladimir Devide Haiku Award
Winners receive book prizes. Limit 1 haiku. The winners will be announced at the Asian Conference on the Arts and Humanities in Kobe from March 30-April 1 and then posted on the website.
Closes: March 1.
Cost: Free.
Full details, including past winners, from the website.

Snapshot Press Book Awards
For book-length collections (60-100 poems) of haiku, tanka and other short poetry. Results announced April 30.
Closes: March 1.
Cost: £18 or $US30, may be paid via the website.
Full details from the website.