You can now PRE-ORDER your copy of the NZPS 2022 Poetry Anthology, ‘alarm & longing’. Order a few copies for yourself and your family, wrap them up as holiday gifts, and savour the wonderful poetry inside the cover of our beautifully presented anthology. We thank you in advance for your order because you are supporting NZPS and the poetry community at large.

Please order BEFORE DECEMBER 16th to receive your anthology by Christmas. Orders received after December 16 will be shipped in January.


It is important to read the instructions below before ordering. We are using the Stripe payment system this year as we did in 2021.

You DO NOT need an account with Stripe. You can simply select the link that applies to you (below), choose how many copies you want, enter your shipping address and pay with your card. 

IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT that you read the instructions in the description box below the $40.00 cost of the anthology as the box will give you the code you need to apply. For example, if you are an NZPS member, then the code you apply is MEM and magically the $40.00 cost for one anthology becomes $30.00  ($25.00 for the anthology + $5.00 postage).

There are different promo codes that will adjust the $40.00 cost, depending on whether you are an NZPS member or non-member or international order.

Underneath the anthology title, you will see a drop-down (Qty 1) that will allow you to select the number of anthologies you want to order.

This might all seem a bit scary, but we promise you, it’s straightforward and easy.

Members get a $10 discount per book!

And if you are buying more than one copy (and live in New Zealand), we will ship them to you for free, which is a $5 discount per book.
So, go ahead. Don’t be shy. When you click on the links below, you’ll see how it works. And if you’re really not sure, then send us an email at and we’ll help you through it.

Here are the links:

For New Zealand Orders:

For Australia Orders:

For Rest of the World Orders:

(If you live overseas and want to buy more than two anthologies, then send us an email and we will sort out a deal on the shipping.)

We will begin shipping anthologies the moment those beautiful books come to us from the printer!!

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