November 30, 2022

Haiku NewZ December

December 2022: Well, what kind of a start to spring was that? In Tauranga we’ve had prolonged periods of heavy rain, cold winds, sunshine, heavy and sudden showers, cold winds, some more sun, and more rain with the temperatures all over the place! Not what I’ve come to expect from November at all. As December bears down on us with all its demands, I hope that you’re able to find some quiet moments, perhaps to just sit and be, and to keep an even keel through the commercial and familial pressures. I’m intending to be back here next year for some more fun in haiku-land so hope you are too.

The NZPS anthology launches and is available for order in December. See Haiku Happenings for more.

This month’s article is perfect for summer and the upcoming holidays as Michael Dylan Welch examines the benefits of forest bathing or shinrin-yoku, something that originated in Japan but which we kind of all knew anyway – that being out in nature is good for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Michael’s piece will remain in place for December and January. Contest listings have been updated to the beginning of March 2023 and don’t forget to check the Publications page as another source of outlets for your work.

If you’re looking for some reading material or would like to spend some time with articles previously published here, please go to the index of Archived Articles; or try out the index for Websites & Resources, which includes links to Youtube videos.

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