August 31, 2022

Haiku NewZ September

September 2022: My thoughts have been with all those affected by the ‘atmospheric river’ of weather in August. As if record rainfall in many places all this winter wasn’t enough, the rainfall decided to really re-write the record books. Poor farmers, poor flooded home-owners and residents, poor whenua/land. Our little corner of the world has hardly been affected by global standards though, with the reporting at the end of August of massive flooding in Pakistan and record heatwaves in China. What use, we might ask ourselves, is haiku when we’re living through such unpredictable times (and with a war grinding on in Ukraine)?

All I can say is that I take heart from haiku, even when I’m not writing very much, I still enjoy reading. Making a cup of tea, pulling a book from the shelf I haven’t opened in a while (as, sometimes, in years), and finding somewhere comfortable and quiet is a treat. ‘Thy still dews of quietness,’ as one of my favourite hymns has it.

Haiku Happenings contains information on a free workshop in Auckland this month led by Richard von Sturmer and links to the free online Haiku Down Under event in early October.

Charles Trumbull offers us this month’s article, which is a grounding in the ‘why’ of 5-7-5 in English-language haiku (whether that’s a question or a slightly subdued scream!). A good piece to read with that cuppa. Contest listings have been updated to the end of November and don’t forget to check the Publications page as another source of outlets for your work.

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