May 31, 2021

June Haiku NewZ

June 2021: Our thoughts are with those in Canterbury as they deal with a torrid end to autumn. Look out for each other, and take care. Meanwhile, the planet keeps turning and we’re moving towards the rise of the Matariki star cluster (Pleiades) on June 19 and the midwinter solstice on June 21, both occasions a chance to reflect on people and events of the past and look forward to what may yet come.

In Haiku Happenings we learn that Jenny Fraser of Mt Maunganui is a featured poet in the latest iteration of the A New Resonance series (Red Moon Press, US); and of a chapbook publishing opportunity. The Contest listing has been updated to the end of August, while this month’s article by Kala Ramesh tackles the tricky subject of link and shift in haiku and haibun.

If you feel like you’re running out of reading material or would like to spend some time with articles previously published here, please go to the index of Archived Articles; or try out the index for Websites & Resources, which includes links to Youtube videos.

Please get in touch if you’d like to offer an essay or have suggestions for Haiku NewZ.

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