March 30, 2021

Haiku NewZ April

April 2021: Autumn is with us, the colouring trees reminding me that a year has passed since all of New Zealand was in full lockdown. On my daily neighbourhood walk during that period I could see the leaves changing by the day. A year later and we’re waiting to hear if a ‘travel bubble’ with Australia might be possible, and how we might protect our low Alert Level as foreign visitors arrive alongside our vaccination programme being rolled out.

But there are no barriers for other inhabitants of this planet in the sky or the oceans and the annual migrations of birds and whales, for instance, are well under way. Wildlife all around the world has flourished during the various lockdowns and many of us have enjoyed the opportunity to look and listen more closely while the streets have been quiet. Small pleasures can create deep joy in times of stress.

Poet and editor Corine Timmer is undertaking another animal-theme anthology, this one celebrating bovines. Proceeds go to an animal charity. Submission details are on the Haiku Happenings page, under Publication & Contest News.

The Contest listing has been updated to the end of July, while this month’s article by Fay Aoyagi is another on kigo, following on from our previous month’s article on the same topic.


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