Poetry Live! Presents Harry The Dead Poet and Brain Gun

Tuesday 24th November @ 8pm, The Thirsty Dog, K Rd

Harry The Dead Poet

Part time underground legend Harry the Dead Poet does both kinds of poems – the kind that rhyme and the kind that don’t. He has been a guest poet at Poetry Live several times, and has performed at Auckland, Wellington and Adelaide fringe festivals. Harry has published 6 books of poetry. He will perform selections from his latest Book, Lost In Absurdistan, as well as some of his greatest hits and near misses.

Brain Gun

Brain Gun play hard out rock n roll. They are Levin Shome on guitar and Doug Martin on bass and vocals. They are very ably accompanied by a drum machine named Mimi though an actual living drummer would be nice. (Any takers?) Levin and Doug met at the Marky Ramone gig. Doug talked himself up and Levin liked the cut of his jib. Then Levin asked immediately if Doug wanted to be in a band. So far, Brain Gun has recorded a complete but as yet unreleased album. This two-piece pack is destined to take over some day.

MC James Crompton

Open Mic is a 5 minute limit.

Please bring koha to support our guests.

Normal Schedule. Find out more about the event on Facebook.

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