October 29, 2020

Haiku NewZ November

Every day there seems to be something new unfurling in the garden – first the tree blossoms and fresh leaves, now the rengarenga lilies, roses and irises, with dahlias, lilies and hydrangeas still to come. No wonder poets have been going bonkers over this season for centuries. I hope your writing brain/elbow has been jogged by the abundance, which also includes beautiful and sustained bird song.

If you are in a productive phase, check out the Contest listing which has been updated to the end of January – and on the same page is a link to a list of publications. Don’t let your work sit in a drawer, send it out into the world! What’s the worst that can happen?

This month’s article is a compilation of thoughts on senryu, mostly by Sususum Takiguchi, acting editor of the World Haiku Review. He sets out pretty clearly the attributes of this verse form, which is all too often seen as inferior to haiku. Don’t be fooled, they’re just as difficult to write well!

In Haiku Happenings you’ll see that Scott Mason, editor of the new collection The Haiku Hecameron, has a special offer on until the end of November – buy two copies and receive a third for free. 

If you feel like you’re running out of reading material or would like to spend some time with articles previously published here, please go to the index of Archived Articles; or try out the index for Websites & Resources, which includes links to Youtube videos.


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