Don Farr will read tomorrow (Sunday 5 July) at 3pm, at Club Carterton (RSA; 35 Broadway St., Carterton). All welcome.

Actor, producer and poet Don Farr of Carterton will read a selection of his poems from the WWII front and closer to home. He welcomes audience stories and memories about life in New Zealand during wartime.

Poems from the Front is “inspired by snatches of WWII life taken from letters from my father, Padre Ed Farr, to a friend,” writes Don Farr. “They were written from four distinct areas of war [New Caledonia, Egypt, Italy and Solomon Islands].”

Part two of the collection, Poems from the Home Front, “reflects the stresses and strains on the family back home in Auckland.”

Together, the wartime poems coincide with the 75th anniversary of WWII peace.

This presentation was originally scheduled for April, ANZAC month, but postponed due to Covid 19.

Don Farr began work as an actor and producer in radio drama, a long time ago. He then spent ten years as both actor and director with Auckland’s Mercury Theatre Company before beginning a new life in roles related to workers’ education and rights. He then spent some time as Assistant General Secretary of the NZ Council of Trade Unions. However, it is his time with theatre that gave him his love of language and poetry.

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