Poetry and performance go hand-in-hand! So that’s why we’re excited for the Poetry Showcase in next months Verb Writers Festival going down on Thursday the 7th of November from
8:30 to 9:30 at Meow in Wellington!

“An hour of poetry in performance from some of Aotearoa and the world’s most lyrically vibrant voices. Gather together in the spirit of words in action and let these poets work their magic. Feat. Chen Chen (US), Michael Pedersen (Scotland), Freya Daly Sadgrove (NZ), Omar Musa (AUS), Marty Smith (NZ), Harry Giles (Scotland), Sara Hirsch (UK / NZ), and more.”

To enter the draw where there’s 2 separate tickets, just direct message NZPS with your name, email address, what event you want to be in the draw for, your favorite poem from any of the names listed and why it means so much to you. From there, we will draw the winner on the 1st of November! That gives you all a week to be in to win!

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