September 30, 2019

Haiku NewZ October

October 2019: And the cold snaps keep rolling across the islands. With luck it won’t be much longer and we can start enjoying more settled weather but in the meantime, spring’s strong winds have arrived, as they almost always seem to do, to coincide with the wisteria flowering. Perhaps you have a spring-theme haiku or tanka that you consider one of your best. Robert Epstein is making a collection of these so-called signature haiku and would like to see yours. Details in Haiku Happenings.

This month’s article is a personal look at haibun, and why it is the perfect form at different times and for different things. The Contest listing has been updated to the end of January, although there are some limited notice contests that are likely to be added through the month. Interesting to note there are three publishing awards open at present, one for women only. Why not take advantage and enter a collection?

Please let me know if you have any ideas or comments for Haiku NewZ,


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