July 30, 2019

Haiku NewZ August

A thunderstorm in the dark reaches of the night and now a cold snap forecast to make its way up the islands. Winter still has some bite in it. But, whatever the weather, the Taiwanese cherries are coming out which means the tui are making themselves noticed in my area again – they disappear over winter but reappear as soon the banksia trees come into flower, looping their way from tree to tree down the street and zooming around the gardens.

In Rotorua last month we walked around part of the lake on Sunday morning – I’ve never seen so many fantails at one time. A marvellous sight as they dipped and dived all around us (impossible to photograph though!).

Visit Haiku Happenings for information about New Zealand Poetry Day (August 23), for a review by Tony Beyer of NOON: An anthology of short poems and for more information regarding the call from the Australian Haiku Society for commentaries on New Zealand haiku. Deadline August 20.

Paul Miller, editor of Modern Haiku, has shared his thoughts on cutting in haiku for this month’s Article. The Contest listing has been updated to the end of October. Please remember that the list is refreshed as information comes to hand so it’s always worth checking back during the month.

Please feel free to email Sandra if you have any ideas or offerings for the Haiku NewZ site.


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