A new, groovy project, Poetry in Public, is an initiative that aims to put poetry front and centre in public spaces, everywhere from shopping malls to service stations.

UK-based Neon Books are currently seeking a poem for their first run, and the deadline is July 25th.

If selected, the poem could be popping up somewhere unusual, to be seen by thousands!

In submitting, admittedly, they don’t have a set theme, but do want poems to be something that most people can relate to. It should be reasonably accessible (which does not mean the same as simple), and should have some value for readers who aren’t themselves poets.

It should be relatively short, with a maximum length of around 30 lines and send five to 10 poems.

Send your poems by email, and include a bit about yourself and your work in the covering letter. You can reach us them at hello@poetryinpublic.co.uk. Please include the word “Submission” in your subject line.


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