April 29, 2019

Haiku NewZ May

For a brief moment  last month the planet seemed to be in equilibrium – the temperatures and weather in Japan were about the same as the temperatures and weather I’d left in New Zealand. But then a cold snap hit and we found ourselves in fresh snow in Shirakawa-gō, a Unesco World Heritage Site village of traditional thatched-roof homes. The cold snap was good for the blossoms, though, as it held flowering back a little and preserved the blossoms already out for a little longer.

I didn’t tread in the footsteps of Basho in particular, although came close at a Tokyo park, but have taken great pleasure in placing the man (a little bit) in his milieu for this month’s Article. I enjoyed digging up these gems of research so hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

The Contest listing has been updated through to the end of July. Please remember that the list is refreshed as information comes to hand so it’s always worth checking back during the month.

number eight wire sales are going great guns so if you haven’t ordered a copy yet, better get going. See Haiku Happenings for the link to details.

  • Sandra

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