April 30, 2018

Haiku NewZ May

Haiku Happenings this month contains information about workshops in Tauranga (NZ) and Sydney (Australia) that may be of interest to haiku, tanka and haibun writers. Award-winning Kiwi writer Laurence Fearnley is at the Escape! festival in Tauranga on June 2 to tutor a workshop about using all your senses in written work, while well-known poets and editors Julie Thorndyke and Beverley George lead a workshop across the Tasman on July 22.

Laurence Fearnley has also contributed this month’s article, which is a description of her attempts to ‘scent map’ her Dunedin neighbourhood – there’s plenty in it to interest Haiku NewZ readers and may even spark a new trend.

The Haiku NewZ Showcase welcomes Mac Miller to the family, please click on his name to access his page. Contest listings have been updated to the end of August, and don’t forget to drop into the Website Resources page once in a while. Acres of good reading there.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions.

– Sandra


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