Battery Pack Volume Three is now open for submissions. If you have a tiny but brilliant story, send it in!

Submissions Now Open

Battery Pack is our palm-sized anthology of microfiction, with each tiny story weighing in at less than seventy words. Previous editions featured sentient teabags, school bullies, ghosts, cannibals and unexpected birthday presents. Right now, it’s entirely up to you to decide what Volume Three will be about.

Submissions are open, and will remain so for at least the next two months. If you have a brilliant little story that’s less than seventy words in length, why not send it along? Featured authors are paid, and get free copies of Battery Pack to share with friends and family.

Got Something Longer?

There just isn’t space for pieces longer than seventy words inside Battery Pack. If you do have a longer piece you think we’d love, you might want to consider sending it along to Neon Literary Magazine. Submissions remain open for future unthemed issues, as well as the upcoming “Apocalypse” edition. Full guidelines can be found right here.

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