Shane Hollands was elected President of the New Zealand Poetry Society at the AGM in Auckland, on 9 September 2017. Shane will be joined by new Vice-President, Mike Subritzky.

shanehollandShane Hollands is principally a performance poet. He is well-known for his innovative work with poet centric music of differing genres from jazz to electronica to metal. Shane established the performance poetry collective The Literatti, the national celebration of beat poetry The Kerouac Effect and is the front-man and poet for the Wordcore band, Freaky Meat. He has recently published his fourth book of poetry ‘The Atomic Composition of the seeming solid’ (Backshed).

P1070946.JPGMike Subritzky is one of New Zealand’s best known war poets. He has an international reputation and his work appears in numerous books, CD’s, and anthologies. His poetry and verse is often read on National New Zealand National Radio on ANZAC Day (New Zealand’s National Day of Remembrance).

Outgoing President Laurice Gilbert (Treasurer) joins E Wen Wong, Ivy Alvarez (Editor) and Katharine Allard (Administration Manager) in the 2018 Committee.

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