July 30, 2017

August Haiku NewZ

As I write the sun is shining, the sky is brilliantly blue and the air is crisp, to say the least. A Kiwi visiting Sydney this past week was startled (and delighted) to find the temperature was a balmy (barmy?) 26 degrees Celsius. The television weather maps for the week ahead show more rain on the way so we’re glad we topped up our firewood supply yesterday.

Two writers in the Tauranga area have decided to take up the mantle and compile a Fourth New Zealand Haiku Anthology to be published next year, a decade after the taste of nashi was launched in Christchurch at the Haiku Festival Aotearoa. Margaret Beverland and Sandra Simpson put together the 2012 HFA in Tauranga and see the publication of the anthology as their final step as organisers of that event. Details around submitting may be found in Haiku Happenings.

Winners of this year’s NZPS International Haiku Contest will be announced on July 31 and appear in Haiku Happenings then.

The Contest page listings have been updated, while this month’s article by Ruth Yarrow ponders the use of haiku to reflect world events, specifically the global financial crisis that began in 2008.


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