January 31, 2017

Haiku NewZ February 2017


Thanks to a ‘staycation’ summer I’ve had time to get almost all the Archived Articles back in place. As at the beginning of February there are 5 still missing but I hope we can yet resolve that … if you find any broken links within an article please let me know. Time passes and websites disappear but clicking on a broken link is always frustrating so I’d like to keep on top of them if I can.

Congratulations to Owen Bullock (haiku) and Richard von Sturmer (memoir) who have both recently published books, you can read more about those at Haiku Happenings. Did you hear Sandra Simpson on National Radio on January 16 talking to Jesse Mulligan about haiku? No problem if you didn’t – Haiku Happenings contains a link to listen to it.

Kia ora and welcome to New Zealand to American poet and writer Roberta Beary, who stepped off a cruise liner in Auckland on January 27. Because of her extensive travels this year, Roberta has been appointed the inaugural Roving Ambassador for The Haiku Foundation. Read more here.

This month’s article is by Alan Summers and offers us a ‘slip realism perception challenge’ to kick off our writing year. Read it here.

The lists for Contests and Publications have also been updated. See them both here.

Feel free to get in touch with any comments or suggestions – Haiku NewZ is your newsletter!

– Sandra


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